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How To Beat Winter With CBD!

We can feel it in the air that Winter isn't far away and as the cold weather starts to come, so do the sniffs and sniffles! Whether it's aches & pains from an old injury, cold and flu, or dare we say Covid, here are some ways that CBD can help! Ben our co-founder gives us his top CBD choices this Winter!

cbd winter capsules uk

1. Vitamin infused CBD

CBD has come a long way since simply just being a natural flavoured oil in a tincture bottle. We all know there are different forms to take CBD by now, be it capsules, gummies, coffee, or even peanut butter, but now there's plenty of options to also get your daily vitamin dose!

Here's 3 of my hand picked favourites:

Vitacanna is the new kid on the block in the CBD world and they are really is doing a great job to help us, no matter what mood we're in. Their range of tincures is quite expansive and offers, Relax, Boost, Multi Vitamin, Strength, Defence, Recovery, and Focus. Each option has a unique recipe of vitamins to match the effect of the option title, whilst still offering your daily dose of CBD. All in one simple oil! The Defence and Boost options are currently my daily 'go to' but I can't wait to try the rest!

Naturecan CBD vitamin gummies
These gummies are great to keep on your desk if you need a little help getting through the Winter! The first thing to consider is the taste, we know we all like a gummy because they taste great, but when they come with added health benefits then there's not even any need to feel guilty! They are a full multi-vitamin in a tasty gummy, containing vitamin A, B12, C, D3, and E, as well as zinc, iodine, biotin, folic acid and broad spectrum CBD, it’s the simple way to support both body and wellbeing, whatever your schedule!

CBD Asylum Immune Tablets 1000mg CBD
Lets not forget capsules either. They are some peoples favourites when it comes to CBD and they were also the first out of the gate when it came to adding vitamins! So here is CBD Asylum's Immune tablets! CBD Asylum packed 25mg vitamin C and 2.5mg zinc into each Immune tab so you can give yourselves that little bit of extra support and peace of mind that we all could do with during the winter period. They are tiny tablets that are easy to swallow, and knowing that you get your vitamins to keep you well as on top of keeping calm with your CBD is a real bonus. Especially if you don't have a sweet enough tooth for the gummies!

cbd vitamin capsules

2. Muscle Balms and Rubs

When the cold brings out the aches and pains then some of the CBD muscle rubs/balms/gels can be a life-saver. They usually come in two forms, heating and cooling, so during the Winter be sure to go for a good heating option! Not only will it soothe but it'll heat, and what could be better after a long cold day?! There are a lot of options out there so here is another 3 of my favourites to help you choose!

Orange County CBD 1000mg Active Heat Balm 50ml
Orange County have long had a solid reputation in the CBD world and have become one of the UK's largest CBD brands. Their Active heat Balm is a personal favourite and really does what it says on the label - Heat! The Heat Balm acts to improve one's circulation for muscles and joints for soothing relief due to Orange County's very own, award winning 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD. Whenever if you're hunched over your laptop at work or going hard at your local gym, it will make one feel warm, fuzzy and prepared for the day ahead.

Dr K CBD 100mg CBD Nano Emulsified Heating Muscle Rub
Dr K is another great option and slightly different due to it's modern tech! To help ease aches and pains after exercising, Dr K CBD's 100mg Broad Spectrum CBD Heating Muscle Rub is Nano Emulsified with a mild heating sensation once applied that helps with recovery. Being carefully sourced and crafted from Broad Spectrum CBD extract and natural ingredients, the cream is given 5 times more effective absorption compared to normal CBD creams on the market thanks to being created with Nano technology. Dr K is a relatively new addition to Associated CBD so naturally we were keen to try it, and it didn't disappoint!

Mission C 1000mg CBD Pre-Workout & Heating Balm
Other than just beating the Winter, muscle balms are an all year round staple in the gym bags of sports enthusiasts, so it wouldn't feel right to miss this one out. Infused with Camphor, Menthol and Arnica, Mission C's 1000mg CBD Pre-Workout & Heating Balm will stimulate blood flow, reduce pain inflammation and energise your muscles after application. It will help to greatly relive pain before your daily workout and to help your body get ready for the day ahead. Subject to third party lab tests to ensure it's purity and safety, this CBD infused Pre-Workout & Heating Balm is gluten, cruelty and THC free as well as being vegan friendly! Whether you're a gym bunny or a sports fan, this is a must have!

CBD coffee and hot chocolate
3. Drinks

CBD now comes in a wide range of beverages, ranging from seltzers, to tea/coffee, energy shots and more. But as the nights grow longer, there's no better way to cosy up than with a nice warm CBD drink whilst watching the TV. Not only will it warm you up after a long day but it'll restore your calm and get you ready for that all-important good night's sleep. My pick of the bunch here would be:

Canndid 200mg CBD Camomile Tea Bags
Canndid now have a range of over 10 different drinks choices to suit your mood, however the camomile tea is great to send you off into the land of zzzzz. They taste great, and whilst you feel yourself sink into your chair, you'll be ready for bed in no time. They're naturally caffeine free and come in tea bags so there's no need to worry about grabbing a tea strainer.

Cheerful Buddha 100mg CBD Ground Coffee
Unfortunately Winter doesn't just strike at night, so when the morning comes and there's a chill in the air, it's time to warm up with a good coffee. Starting your day with a dose of CBD is a great way to find your get up and go, and blending it with CBD helps to find your calm whilst minimising the awful lunchtime crash. It is a 100% natural, Colombian blend CBD Infused coffee is incredibly smooth and delicious. Naturally infusing CBD into coffee, creates an effortless way of including CBD into a daily routine. CBD through coffee is also metabolised more slowly, producing a powerful and long lasting effect.

Canndid 150mg CBD Hot Chocolate
Back to night time and back to Canndid as they really do have some great drinks - hot chocolate. For all of sweet tooth's out there this is as good as it gets. The perfect beverage to cosy up with even on a cold evening, Canndid combines the warming feeling of Hot Chocolate with the benefits of CBD. Canndid’s CBD infused hot chocolate means that you can enjoy the of hot chocolate, whilst getting the benefits associated with CBD such as anti-inflammatory and restorative properties, helping to boost the immune system and reducing and relieving feelings of anxiety and pain. What more could you want in Winter?

So in summary, yes, CBD has got your back in Winter! I've tried to give you the best of the bunch but in all honesty there's plenty more out there to choose from, even a CBD bath bomb in a nice hot bath after a long day. I hope my guide has given you some great ideas but feel free to get in touch if you've got any questions on how to win in Winter with CBD!

Thanks for reading!

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