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Cold pressed CBD oil - the new benchmark?

cold pressed cbd oil

Not all CBD is equal when it comes to quality, and the extraction method used plays a significant role. Inferior extraction methods can lead to ineffective products or even the presence of hazardous by-products like butane. The most widely used extraction method is supercritical CO2 extraction, which is known for its cleanliness and efficiency in separating cannabinoids and beneficial compounds from the plant. However, there is another method gaining popularity: cold-pressed CBD. This method strives to maintain the natural integrity of the plant as much as possible. In this guide, we'll explore what cold-pressed CBD is, how it is produced, and its relevance to inclusion on the list of products with a Novel Foods application.

What is cold-pressed CBD oil?

Cold-pressed CBD serves as an alternative to CBD oil extracted through CO2 extraction methods. This production technique yields a pure extract, free from adulteration. Cold-pressed CBD oil retains all the natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the plant, potentially creating a synergistic effect. Moreover, the process of cold pressing may potentially exempt CBD products from novel food regulations.

How is cold-pressed CBD oil made?

Cold-pressed CBD is a specific type of CBD oil that follows the time-honoured tradition of cold pressing, an ancient extraction method used for extracting compounds from plants for thousands of years.

During the cold-pressing process of CBD extraction, the plant material is combined with a carrier oil like olive oil and subjected to pressure. This method utilises minimal heat, which helps preserve the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids naturally present in the plant. As a result, the concentration of these beneficial compounds in the oil remains equivalent to that in the original plant material. This is why some individuals prefer cold-pressed CBD, as it can yield a higher concentration of plant compounds.

Since minimal processing is involved, cold-pressed CBD products are considered full-spectrum. Unlike traditional methods such as supercritical CO2 extraction, which may lead to the loss of sensitive plant compounds due to heat, cold-pressed CBD is often seen as a closer representation of the natural product. Additionally, this extraction method does not involve additional processing, solvents, or chemicals, which reduces the risk of contamination.

Is cold-pressed CBD oil better?

Determining whether cold-pressed CBD is better than other methods is challenging since the finished products have distinct characteristics. Directly comparing them can be problematic. However, once we understand the differences between these products, it becomes easier for consumers to determine which one aligns best with their preferences and needs.

When it comes to choosing between cold-pressed CBD and conventional CBD oil, personal preference and taste play a significant role. Cold-pressed CBD has a very natural taste, which can be bitter and earthy, potentially deterring some users. If you prefer a milder taste or enjoy flavoured options that mask the earthiness, regular filtered CBD oil may be more suitable for you.

One compelling reason to opt for cold-pressed CBD oil is its higher concentration of terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant nutrients. These compounds are often found in greater quantities in cold-pressed CBD since the heat involved in CO2 extraction can degrade some of them. Terpenes, in particular, offer various benefits that you can explore further.

Additionally, cold-pressed extraction eliminates certain risks associated with methods like alcohol extraction. Those who avoid alcohol for religious reasons may also be inclined towards alternative extraction methods such as cold-pressing.

Cold Pressed CBD and Novel Foods

From a retailer's perspective, cold-pressed CBD presents intriguing implications for Novel Food applications. Currently, CBD is considered a Novel Food in the UK, requiring all sellers to undergo the costly and time-consuming process of submitting a Novel Food application. This regulatory requirement has led to the closure of many retailers.

A Novel Food refers to anything that was not widely consumed by humans in the UK and the EU before May 15, 1997. For these Novel Foods to be sold, they must obtain authorization. However, some sellers argue that cold-pressed CBD should be exempt from this requirement since there is evidence of human consumption of cold-pressed oils prior to the specified date.


novel foods and cold pressed cbd

Nevertheless, the Food Standards Agency has not confirmed or denied the exempt status of cold-pressed CBD. This situation leaves consumers in a challenging position. The Novel Foods list represents the initial attempt to regulate a rapidly growing industry. Some have expressed concerns that attempting to circumvent inclusion in this list could be detrimental to the entire sector.

Notably, prominent brands like Love Hemp and Bnatural currently offer cold-pressed CBD products, but they are also included on the Novel Foods application list. This allows consumers to shop with confidence. The fear is that cold-pressed CBD might create a loophole or entry point for unscrupulous sellers seeking quick profits, potentially compromising the integrity of the sector. However if you are shopping with us at Associated CBD, you know our brands have been scrutinised and all lab reports are available for every product we sell.

Cold-press extraction aims to produce a CBD product that closely resembles the natural plant. By minimising processing, it retains a rich profile of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds. However, the emergence of cold-pressed CBD has created a regulatory grey area within UK CBD regulations.

While Novel Foods authorisation provides some reassurance to consumers that a company adheres to regulations, cold-pressed CBD introduces a potential loophole that could lead to the influx of low-quality CBD products in the market. Until the Food Standards Agency takes steps to either further regulate or officially exempt cold-pressed CBD from the Novel Food applications list, consumers must exercise caution when making purchases and ensure they buy CBD from trusted sources.

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What are the best cold-pressed CBD oils?

At Associated CBD we have a huge range of CBD oils, and that also continues into Cold pressed oils too. 

The Good Level CBD

One of our favourite brands that use cold-pressed CBD oil is The Good Level. All their products from oils, muscle balms and gummies use this type of CBD oil within their products. We have tried all three and have been very impressed with the quality, and also the taste. Cold press oils can often be a bit more earthy or bitter, but this wasn't noticeable in either the oils or the gummy bears we tried! So we fully recommend trying The Good Level if you are looking in this category!

Bnatural CBD

By using traditional methods, Bnatural have created an amazing CBD hemp oil that has been used for centuries. With carefully selected EU Registered and Licenced Hemp seeds to create a wonderful nutty flavour profile, this CBD oil is a true representation of the original source. NON Selective and NON Novel.

Our favourite oil is the 600mg Bnatural CBD oil in Peppermint. Whilst 600mg might not sound as strong as many others, the cold-press technique of this oil gives a great bang for your buck.


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